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Thank you to all the poets who shared their talents with us! And the winners are… 1st Place – “Table Scraps” by Margie Franz 2nd Place – “Sunset” by Morgan Chandler 3rd Place – “Tulips” by Sandy Jones Honorable Mentions: “Snow” by RoJean Mustain “Misfit Toys” by Steve Collins “I Mourn the Frozen” by Teresa Mustain “Slow Down” by Ciri George Read the winning poems: Winners 2019 Thank you to… Read more »

Hear That?! Sounds of the Past

Do you long for the nostalgic shutter sounds of old cameras. How about the ring of telephones from days gone by or the flippers of that pinball machine in the old arcade down the block? Well you’re in luck because Conserve the Sound is here to help. Conserve the Sound is an online museum for the preservation of endangered sounds that we run the risk of losing completely as we… Read more »

Jigsaw Puzzle Mash-ups

We all enjoy putting together puzzles. We love feeling the relaxing joy of slowly finding the pieces and putting together the picture as it should be but have you ever notice that the shapes of different puzzles seem oddly familiar? That’s exactly what artist Tim Klein noticed and he decided to get a little creative as a result. Klein has taken several puzzles with similar cuts and melded them together… Read more »

Charlie Chaplin and the Charleston Enter the Public Domain

January 1st 2019 may be the ringing of the new year but it’s also an important date for another reason. This is the date in which works published in 1923 will enter the public domain for the first time. That means that you will be able to read classic literature from authors as diverse as Agatha Christie and H.G. Wells free of charge, view classic silent films from Charlie Chaplin… Read more »

Road Construction on 158th St.: “How do I get to the Library??” Starting Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Starting October 9, you will have to come to the library by using Parallel and one of two side streets to reach our driveway on Garden Parkway. Turn south off Parallel onto 159th Street and go three blocks. Turn right on Prairie Way and continue until you reach Garden Parkway. Turn left and take Garden Parkway to the Library’s driveway entrance. OR Turn south off Parallel onto 161st Terrace. Continue… Read more »

The Celebrity Billboard Project

If you’re a stats fan you’ll want to check this link out! The Celebrity Billboard Project is a constantly updating timeline of the top ten most read Wikipedia pages of famous people each day. It’s interesting to see what historical events can cause interest to spike in certain people. After you’re finished cycling through the data on this timeline, the main website for The Pudding has multiple visual essays tracking… Read more »

The Good Ole Days: 70’s, 80’s and 90’s TV!

Are you one of those people who feel like there’s nothing good on TV anymore? Do you miss the good old days and long for the television of your youth? Well My Decade TV has you covered! Choose between the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and flip through the variety of different programming they have from each of the decades. Browse by year and view everything from music videos to soap… Read more »

Watch Live Bears From the Safety of Your Computer!

If you are a fan of the outdoors and animals in their natural habitats but aren’t able to make the trek, the live bear cam for Katmai National Park in Alaska in a wonderful way to scratch that itch. You can tune in almost any time of the day and see such exciting sites as bears fishing for salmon or wrestling with each other in the stream. Definitely worth checking… Read more »

Libraries Rock and So Does This Interactive Music Map

In honor of our Library Rocks Summer Reading theme, check out this interactive music map! Discover the history of musical genres from electronic to jazz, hip-hop to country and everything in between. The website is full of interesting facts and helpful playlists to help get you started on your musical journey.